Returns Policy

Returns Policy 8/11

We are proud to have the most liberal return policy in the market we service!

Where manufacturer’s return policies permit, Mountain/Service Distributors will issue credit for the full wholesale cost of returned items with no charges or fees.


Product Policy
Cigarettes “Stock balance” of full, resalable, and in code within 4 months of expiration, cartons tax stamped by M/S will be accepted for credit. 

Manufacturer sales rep is required to initiate the return of damaged, out of code, or loose packs of cigarettes

Domestic Cigars, Chewing Tobacco, RYO, Pipe Tobacco, and Blunt Wraps. Full Credit 


Moist Snuff & Snus Credit as per manufacturer’s policy and procedures.
Premium Hand Rolled Cigars Not Returnable
Rolling Papers, Tubes, Rollers, Injectors, Pipes. Full Credit
Table Top Cigarette Makers Not Returnable (Mfr Warranty)
Incense, Incense Burners, Ashtrays, Hookahs, and other Smoke Shop Novelties. Not Returnable 


Electronic Cigarettes and Components Not Returnable (Unless Mfr Defective, Then Returnable)
Candy Bars (Including Nestle) 


Mints & Roll Candy

Lay Down Bag and Peg Bag Candy

Theatre Box

Full Credit
Holiday & Seasonal Candy Not Returnable
Single Serve Sweet Snacks Full Credit
Energy & Nutrition Bars Full Credit
Potato Chips, Pretzels, Corn Chips, Cheese Puffs. (Uncle Rays Brand) Not Returnable
Meat Snacks Full Credit
Single Serve Salty Snacks Full Credit
Health and Beauty Care Not Returnable
Film, Batteries, & General Merchandise Not Returnable
Automotive Products, Chemicals, etc. Not Returnable
Food Service Not Returnable
Coffee Service Not Returnable
Frozen Beverage Not Returnable
Frozen Pastry Snacks Not Returnable
Frozen Sandwiches, Burritos, Pizza, etc Not Returnable
Paper Products Not Returnable
Frozen & Refrigerated Groceries Not Returnable
Dry Groceries Not Returnable
Packaged Beverage Not Returnable

*Only under manufacturer recall can we take back product.

All credits are subject to change after credit research has been completed.

We cannot issue credit for products not purchased directly from Mountain/Service Distributors.

Mountain/Service Distributors will issue credit for merchandise that is shorted  (billed but not shipped) from your delivery, customers must call in any shortages within 24 hours of delivery.

Mountain will allow a stock balance from time to time and issue credit for product that can be returned to us and re-sold to other customers with pride. Please, no marks, cuts, tears, or price stickers. Must be in code.

Please do not return any chocolate to your Territory Manager or Driver during June, July, and August.

There will be a restocking charge for the returns of –or- refusal on delivery:

Promotional “Deal” Cigarettes                        $1.00

Wam Pre-orders                                                   5%

Other Pre-orders                                                 10%

No service fee applies for loose return goods if over $50.00 to hold down costs.  Under $50.00 will result in a $10.00 service charge.


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