Mountain is a Certified Reseller of PHIX VAPOR PRODUCTS

PHIX products are designed in Los Angeles and manufactured in the United States and internationally under the supervision of our talented engineering team.

No tobacco product should be considered safe. If you have any health concerns about use of PHIX or any other tobacco product, we recommend that you consult with your physician. Inhalation of e-vapor may aggravate existing respiratory conditions. If you do not currently use nicotine-containing products, we recommend that you do not start. However if you are an adult smoker who has been looking for an e-vapor alternative that can satisfy like a cigarette, then PHIX may be a good choice for you. PHIX does incorporate several consumer protections, including a sophisticated temperature control system, which is optimized to maintain the temperature needed for optimal vaporization and to avoid combustion and generation of smoke. We stand by the quality of our products and are committed to bringing you the best technology in vaporization, which is why our engineering team ensures all parts are compliant to international and US safety and quality standards like RoHS and EMC, and undergo extensive testing and inspection. Furthermore, PHIX e-liquid and vapor are also tested by an independent lab.

Nicotine is not appropriate for use by minors. Nicotine is addictive.

There are magnets at the base of the device that hold it securely in place while connected to the magnetic USB charging dock. Many electronic devices with magnets can affect each other, PHIX not excluded. For example, while charging connected to a laptop, PHIX can trigger a magnet inside your computer that forces it into sleep mode. This won’t damage your computer, but if this happens try using an alternate USB port. We’ve found using the port on the right side of your computer works best for charging PHIX, but this could be different depending on the type of laptop you have. PHIX should also be kept away from key cards, credit cards, and other items with magnetic strips.

PHIX Pods and Device

Devices (KITS) & USB Chargers:

Basic Kits
#407684 PHIX Basic Kit (No Pods) 5ct
#414888 PHIX Basic Kit BLUE 5ct
#414904 PHIX Basic Kit Pearl White 5ct
#414896 PHIX Basic Kit Rose Gold 5ct

Starter Kit
#407676 PHIX Starter Kit (1-pod 1.5ml) 5ct

#411702 PHIX USB Charger 1ct

PHIX Pod Flavors

Pods Ea/4pk 5% Nic-6ml (Ea pod 1.5ml)

#412593 PHIX Blue Raspberry 5ct
#407726 PHIX Butterscotch 5ct
#413120 PHIX Cool Grape 5ct
#407742 PHIX Cool Melon 5ct
#414938 PHIX Diner Lady Lemon Tart 5ct
#407734 PHIX Ice Tobacco 5ct
#414920 PHIX Mango 5ct
#407759 PHIX Mixed Flavours 5ct
#407718 PHIX Original Tobacco 5ct
#407700 PHIX Spearmint 5ct
#407692 PHIX Strawberry 5ct
#414912 PHIX Tobacco Custard 5ct