Mountain is a Certified Reseller of LEAP VAPOR PRODUCTS

Leap Vapor was designed for adult smokers and vapors. Featuring e-liquid formulated with Nicotine Salts, Leap products deliver a more satisfying vaping experience for those who know what they want. With compact form factors, long-lasting batteries, multiple nicotine levels, and e-liquid flavors that suit the mature palate, the Leap Device and Leap Go. Disposable deliver a vaping experience the way it was meant to be.
Leap Vapor Display

#417758 5.35 Pre-Packed Combo 112.5ml 
– 5 Leap Kits (includes device, pod, charge cord, guide)
– 35 Leap e-Liquid Pods in 7 Blend Options
– Small Foot Print Acrylic Display

LEAP go display

#417741 Leap Go 20 Combo 25ml
– 20 Leap GO Disposable E-Cigarettes in 4 Blend options
– Small Foot Print Acrylic Display

LEAP Device, Pods, & Disposables

LEAP Device
#417493 Leap Device Only Kit

#417501 Leap Evapor Kit 4.8% 1.5ml

LEAP pods MTN Service

4.8% 3ml

#417618 Leap POD Arctic Berry
#417576 Leap POD Carolina Tobacco
#417550 Leap POD Creamy Mint
#417568 Leap POD Island Cream
#417584 Leap POD Mango
#417592 Leap POD Menthol
#417634 Leap POD Watermelon Kiwi

LEAP GO Disposable

LEAP GO Disposable
Pk/5 – Bx/5

#417659 Leap Go Cit Menthol 5% 1.25ml
#417667 Leap Go Fresh Mango 5% 1.25ml
#417883 Leap Go Mix Berry 5% 1.25ml
#417642 Leap Go Smooth Tobacco 5% 1.25ml