Your Complete C-Store Rebate and Merchandising Solution

Earn ongoing WAM Rebates from participating Manufacturers.

Started in 1985, WAM is a coalition of wholesalers and manufacturers working together to accomplish what no other organization has achieved nationwide. The impact has created connectivity to independent c-stores and small chains that previously did not exist with manufacturers.

The following 5 proven programs have provided results to help the retailer achieve their maximum rebate dollars

WAM Rebate Program


All smart phones and tablets allow your sales reps to be er manage and grow your business and rebates.

More effectively manage the WAM Retailer Programs and maximize rebates! You will be able to see weekly updates on your total rebates earned, easily identify non-compliant programs with at-risk dollars and order missing items/pre-packs on the spot.

2) WAM’s industry-leading new item speed-to-shelf program

What is it?

1st Edition is our new item program designed to secure speed-to-shelf on select new item launches.

Over 7,000 participating stores automatically receive selected items

Over 10,000 boxes sold per item.

New items contribute more than 60% to category growth


More Sales • More Pro ts • More Rebates

Your WAM Distributor’s experienced sales sta is commi ed to helping you maximize… sales, pro ts, and rebates by taking advantage of all possible opportuni es.

Merchandisers gain valuable end-cap placement for your top SKUs

The WAM MVDs combine the best items from the best manufacturers to drive impulse purchases and boost category sales via secondary placements.

Candy Shoppe MVD

Cooler MVD

Healthy Snacks MVD

Candy Yum MVD

Snacks MVD

4) WAM’s Comprehensive Promotional Solution

What is it?

Promo$ense is our monthly promotional vehicle that includes the newest items and the best deals on top-selling products.

5) WAM’s Complete Category Management Resource

What is it?

Shelf$ense is WAM’s Category Management Program that delivers customized in-line and rack planograms to our customers.

Attaining your volume goal is “built into” the WAM Planogram and will:

Maximize potential rebates

Reduce shrinkage and waste

Maximize sales through the register

Streamline the ordering process, reducing out-of-stocks •Increase overall profitability

Reduce carrying costs

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